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Pre-Purchase Checklist

| Pick of the week! | February 24, 2016

We highly recommend printing a ‘PRE-PURCHASE CHECKLIST’ for an aircraft you are interested in purchasing. Its an easy avenue of going through all the important parts of the aircraft and giving it a score up to 10 points.

Following PRE-PURCHASE CHECKLIST available :


Single Aircraft pre-purchase checklist

Twin-Engine Aircraft

Twin Aircraft pre-purchase checklist

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#1 training aircaft? we think so!

| Pick of the week! | January 22, 2014

We like this aircraft so much , we even thinks its the greatest aircraft for training up pilots! what do you think? http://www.aircraftmarket.co.za/?ad_listing=cessna-182

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*Pick of the week!*

| Pick of the week! | January 11, 2014

Cirrus SR22 Turbo GTS – Its the ONLY XI edition in South Africa, http://www.aircraftmarket.co.za/?ad_listing=cirrus-sr22-turbo-gts

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